Bootcamp Business

Increase team effort! Create unity!

Nothing else has such a positive effect on the team spirit as collective sports. Together, during or after office hours, working on fitness, team building and team spirit. All men and women of different ages and fitness levels can participate in our Bootcamp workouts.

Collegiality is a key aspect in our Bootcamp Business classes. Helping each other to achieve the common objective and to increase individual performances as wel as group performances are the tools used to release stress and tensions, create a pleasant working environment, healthy competitive employees and a strong sense of unity.


Bootcamp business will help your business and your employees perform better!

In the Netherlands, some health insurance companies reimburse Bootcamp classes and not without reason…

A mentally and physically healthy corporate culture directly leads to an increase in productivity and a decrease in absenteeism.

As well as one-off events as part of a company outing or a team building day, we offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring sessions to create healthier employees and a healthier working environment.

If this hasn’t persuaded you yet, here are some more reasons why Bootcamp Business is the best choice for your company:

  • Team building sessions at any location of YOUR choosing (even your own office)
  • Bootcamp Business improves the physical and mental well being of your employees (a healthy body, is a healthy mind)
  • Training together increases cooperation skills and contributes to improved results in the daily work
  • Everyone can participate! From beginners to advanced, for all ages.
  • Coaching and guidance by professional and experienced members of the Royal Dutch Marines.
  • Intensive team building sessions in which we create a link between working together in Bootcamp and collaboration in the daily work at the office.
  • The possibility of a recurring training for an extended period of time


Bootcamp Business has already catered to the delight of many others: