Challenge yourself! Increase your fitness level?

Bootcamp Curacao is owned and run by members of the Royal Dutch Marine Corps. They also design the trainings provided by Bootcamp Curacao. With their extensive knowledge and experience they create workout sessions that are both challenging and fun. Using their expertise and energetic drive when guiding a group of people as well as the individuals in that group, they are able to motivate anyone and everyone.

Week 43

The Origens

Bootcamp Curacao was born from a group of friends who had something special in common; a passion for sports and the Dutch Royal Marine Corps. Being on a tropical Island with endless outdoor possibilities, they wanted more sports activity outdoors and whomever felt like joining in was more than welcome to do so. It turned out that they were not the only ones sharing that same passion for sports and the outdoors. More and more people participated in this outdoor event and before long Bootcamp Curacao was brought into the world, or at least on the island.
The workouts provided by Bootcamp Curacao today are still created and taught by members of the Marine Corps. This makes Bootcamp Curacao unique as well as it is authentic. After all this sport originated from the military.
Bootcamp is to rough it, using basic obstacles and whatever nature and urban surroundings may provide. Bootcamp Curacao however has more than what only nature and urban surroundings can supply. Using a wide range of materials such as kettlebells, TRX’s, ropes, beams, tires, sandbags, ammunition boxes, disks and weights Bootcamp Curacao truly brings the army back into BootCamp.

All of our workout sessions are unique.

During the sessions we regularly switch back and forth between fitness and cardio. This results in finding your limits quickly and with guidance, if willing, pushing them much further in a short period.
A training consists among others of different types of games, sprints, drills, core work and bodyweight exercises. Despite the high intensity of the Bootcamp workouts there is more than sufficient control regarding the proper execution of the exercises.
BootCamp Curacao not only works with body weight but also with (and being the only one), weights, plates, TRX, sandbags, beams, ammunition boxes, ropes, tires, KB’s and everything else that urban surroundings have to offer. All of this to rapidly improve your strength, fitness, speed, coordination and fatburning.


Are the Bootcamp workouts for everybody?

There is no need to be a gymfanatic or an athlete to join our Bootcamp workout sessions. We all have to start somewhere and here is the perfect place! Wether you are a seasoned athlete or a novice, Bootcamp Curacao suits everones needs.
Bootcamp workouts are ideal for a group of friends, if you would like to meet up with new and other sportive people or if you just want to get going!
We provide Bootcamp trainings 3-4 times a week at different locations on the Island. (Cick here) for locations. And (click here) for this weeks schedule.

Sign up for a trial workout by showing up at the training, it really is that easy.

“Don’t compare yourself to others, but to the person you were yesterday”