• Bootcamp goes urban! Bootcamp Curacao provides another unique location where you can experience a vibrant city life amongst colonial buildings in an architectural area that is unequaled in the entire Caribbean!

    Short description:
    Plasa Horacio Hoyer (also known as Julianaplein). Across the street from Brasserie Nanos.

    Long description:
    Coming from Punda, on the Pietermaai Street (it’s a one way street) keep driving until the road ‘splits’. The right (wrong) road will take you to a place that is best left for the weekends. Thus you take the left towards the traffic lights. But do not follow the lights! That means you do not drive up the traffic lights, instead you go left the first chance you get and go left again (Abraham de Veerstraat). You can park your bicycle or motorized vehicle to the left, there is a nice parking area there. Should you have missed the parking area, because you weren’t paying attention and you’ve already passed the parking exit before you even realized it was there, do not be troubled, you will get another chance to get to your destination. But don’t wait too long, because the next exit will be there sooner than you think. The nice thing is however, you can choose which way to go! Left or right, both are right.

  • Coming from Punda, head east.
    Follow the road along the waterside.
    Practically at the end of the road you will find a roundabout. Turn around, drive back for about 200mtrs and find a very big parking lot on your left hand side. When you enter the parking area, keep left and drive till the very end.
    Park your car, put on your WAR-Face and get ready!

  • Coming from Punda, at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg take the second exit at the roundabout.

    Follow that road along the waterside as it curves to the right and pass the volleyball fields. The road is a bit dodgy, but don’t let that scare you off. After all, you are going to Bootcamp aren’t you?

    When you reach a pier, turn left. At the end, turn right and follow the road again. You will pass an old and quite interesting Fortress named Beekenburg. Go past the former Baja Beach Club. At the intersection turn right and there you are. For interesting facts about the fortress feel free to ask us after the training, if you still have some breath to spare ;-). For the scenic route, at the last intersection go left instead. Stay on the path and keep to the right. After a rollercoaster ride and some amazing views of hills, real Caribbean waters and lots of shrubs you will eventually pass an eerie, abandoned Quarantine building. For your own safety do not linger there but keep going further downhill. Down at the bottom look left and get ready to get rid of that eerie feeling with some serious Bootcamping!

  • Coming from Punda, at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg take the second exit at the roundabout.

    Follow that road along the waterside, as it curves to the right you will find the volleyball fields. Park the car nearby and meet us up there. And no, you will not be playing any volleyball.

  • Coming from Punda, at the end of the Caracasbaaiweg take the first exit at the roundabout.

    At the end turn left towards Jan Thiel and Zanzibar. Follow the road, past the first roundabout, past the entrance of Zanzibar Beach, past the entrance of the Papagayo resort, towards the Chogogo Resort. You will find us working up some sweat at the second roundabout just before the entrance of the resort.

  • Go up the hill towards the Fort Nassau restaurant. Virtually at the end, when you’ve almost reached the summit, the road splits. Both leading to a different parking area of the restaurant. The road on the left goes up further and you will find yourself at the very entrance of Fort Nassau. This is not where you should be. Go back, take the other road and find yourself ready for some real action!

  • From Punda, take the Schottegatweg towards Otro Banda. Go over that really tall bridge and get off that really tall bridge the first chance you get. At the bottom of the road, take the first exit at the first roundabout and take the second exit at the second roundabout. Keep going past the newly build Corendon mangrove beach resort. After the resort right before the Aqualectra water factory, turn left at the traffic lights. Just before driving into the water, at the end of the road, stay on the road and turn left. Keep going, park the car and get ready!

  • You are probably familiar with the mambo beach boulevard, from there head to the Pietermaai district, keep the ocean to your left, past the Sunscape casino and Marie pompoen beach, there you will find your training location.

    If you come from the Punda side, head to Mambo beach follow the Penstaat, keep the ocean on your right-hand past Avilla beach hotel, then  the Boase resort, on to the dr. martin luther king boulevard on the right you will find,new beautifully landscaped park, find a spot for your car, and enjoy your hour of Bootcamp training