Frequently Asked Questions

Week 40

The Workouts

Different locations and always in the outdoors. Using the surroundings, your own body weight, an ample variety of training materials and skilled and experienced instructors ensure that every workout is unique, challenging, rewarding and fun.

  • Bootcamp Curacao is for everyone!

    There is no need to be a gym fanatic or seasoned athlete to join our Bootcamp workouts. We all have to start somewhere and here is the perfect place! For the beginners, we will guide you through the whole thing. Setting goals, obtaining results, feeling better, healthier and getting fitter. Working together we will get you to the next level. For the pro’s, it is the perfect opportunity to push your limits even further and go the distance! Have a goal in mind? Together we will get you there!

  • Around 60 minutes. Sometimes reaching 75 minutes.

  • Sign up? Just SHOW UP! You could also send us an email or message us on Facebook. We welcome any last-minute attendees, but for preparation purposes a heads-up is appreciated.

  • Everyone can join in, the classes will continue regardless of the amount of participants. On average 10 – 15 people take part in our workouts.

  • Yes! People of all fitness levels can partake in our workouts.
    All exercises can be performed in various degrees of difficulty. Like a computer game you can adjust the settings to your level. This way the workouts are fun and yet challenging for everyone.

  • Of course! Everyone is welcome! A heads-up in advance is appreciated but not mandatory.

  • Yes and no.
    People from the age of 18 are able to participate.
    However we do have special programs designed for kids. Check out our “BootCamp for Hire” for options and possibilities.
    The is no age limit but, the older one is, the more careful one needs to be.

  • Yes you can!
    You are always welcome to come along and find out whether BootCamp Curacao is your kind of camping. Join in at your own level and experience the quality of training provided by our skilled and experienced instructors first hand. Just show up and get started!

  • I would like to train with specific goals, or work towards specific result. What can BootCamp Curacao do for me?

    At BootCamp Curacao we strive to help everyone accomplishing their goals! Being able to train at your own level gives your the opportunity to work at your own pace within the group. Are you looking for more specialised guidance for setting goals, how to perform the workouts, and what will work best for you? All of our instructors are skilled and experienced in coaching at all levels. Whether you are a beginning amateur or a seasoned athlete, we are here to help you out!

  • No, because everyone can train at their own pace it is not necessary to be in perfect shape. Of course we will help you to improve it. Listen to your own body and together we’ll make sure you get the most out of each workout.

  • Will BootCamp trainings help me lose weight?

    Yes they do! Fitter, Faster, Stronger!
    Your efforts will be rewarded. Slimming and tightening of your body can happen very quickly when you regularly attend BootCamp. During our trainings we focus a lot on the major muscle groups, they also promote the fat burning in your body. Weight loss is the result of attending BootCamp workouts regularly, a healthy diet and plenty of rest and relaxation. Working towards a fitter, healthier body and getting slimmer is not just working out, it is a lifestyle. Training four times a week and attending happy hours four times a week, doesn’t really work out.

  • Of course we decide what to do and when. But we are flexible. Let us know your aspirations and together we will make sure the needs of everyone are met.


  • I suffer from an injury and / or pain, what should I do?

    That is not cool! Most of the times you know best what works for your body and what doesn’t. Always listen to your body and never push too far, you only have one body this lifetime. We can always advise you on the matter but know that we are no doctors. For absolute certainty we urge you to see a physician.

  • That is not possible! Or it shouldn’t. Should however, in the unlikely event that, something did go wrong please contact us again via a different channel: Email again? Message us on Facebook, Chat with us via Whats App, or Give us a call: +5999 – 5193905

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Subscription Prepaid or Pay as you Go?

Clothing And What To Bring

  • Yes you can! Comfortable sports apparel, amazing looks and superb quality!
    Click here to check out our merchandise and order online.

  • Good running shoes with ample support and at least half a litre of water.

  • No, well yes.. sort of. There are no lockers, but you can leave your stuff with the trainer and he will leave your precious belongings in his car. There is limited space in the vehicle of the trainer, so please don’t bring massive suitcases.

  • No, well.. sometimes. BootCamp Curacao only provides the workouts. Some locations however may have a form of restroom and/or changing facilities available.

  • Let’s not stipulate the obvious. But if you have any goggles it would be useful to bring them. If you have any floatation devices feel free to bring those along as well.

  • We train at different locations.
    Variety is a key ingredient to keep people entertained and motivated. Every month we update our monthly training schedule. To get notified via our mailing list click here, of you can check out the website or our Facebook page. Not familiar with the location? Let us know and we’ll be happy to explain the route and guide you there.